Postcards from The Journey

Testimonials from MYS Students and Friends:

“I’ve been practicing yoga for three years and have worked with several teachers over that time. Terri’s style combines both a focus on understanding and executing the basic poses while continuing to progress on to more challenging postures. I have been able to deepen my practice and keep it as an integral part of my fitness which includes running and biking. I credit yoga with keeping me injury-free for over 2 years.” H.L.

“Just a little note to let you know how much I appreciate what MYS and yoga have done for me. Since beginning classes in April (2002), my flexibility has greatly improved and I can do so many more positions without much difficulty. I move better and am more aware of my posture. Learning breath awareness and quieting techniques has been quite an experience and I use these in everyday life. I do not like to fly, so now I listen to the music and chants I’ve heard at the studio, and breathe (whenever I must travel in an airplane). You and your staff have been extremely

patient in working with me to get me through all my physical challenges. Your hands-on app

roach is wonderful and I know you will show me the correct way for the various asanas. The studio is a delight to come to — spotless and with props available to use. I particularly like the meditation sessions and there is no way to express how and how much they are helping me. Thank you for having the studio, and I hope to have a long relationship with MYS.” P.G.

“I used to have chronic back pain at night when I went to bed. Practicing yoga has strengthened my back muscles, thereby alleviating my pain. My posture has also improved dramatically.” L.C.C.

“Terri has really helped me to focus on connecting my mind, body and breath. I have acheived strength and flexibility

like never before. I actually look forward to my yoga class, unlike any other exercise rituals I’ve tried. I feel my mind is clearer and it gives me a sense of peace! Thank you!” R.R.

“Yoga improves balance and flexibility, which are crucial to older people. I had to face the facts and admit to being ‘older people’ when I joined AARP. So I’m in yoga now.” R.S., age 52

“The instructors are knowledgeable and caring. They set a tome that helps me stretch body, mind a

nd spirit. I leave refreshed. Yoga is the perfect practice for stren

gth and flexibility — great for all ages. It has made a difference in my body and my life.” J.S.C., age 53

“I have taken yoga for 5 years now with Terri. It has relieved the tension in my neck and shoulders and has changed the way I’m breathing when I’m doing such everyday activities as putting on my makeup and standing in the grocery line. The stretching is deep and purposeful. The studio is calming and the teachers are exceptional. I have been an exercise fanatic for 3 decades and yoga rates as the best overall healthy practice! MYS is the epitome of quality, expertise and professionalism. I couldn’t live without it! If you haven’t taken yoga before, you now deserve the best: Mountain Yoga Studio!” S.S.

“I feel that no woman should go through pregnancy and birth without yoga. Yoga helps a mother to tune in to her body and become acquainted with her baby even en utero. It also helps to prepare the body for a smooth and efficient labor. Various asanas help to bring the baby into an optimal position which helps facilitate a healthy, more comfortable pregnancy and birth experience. Even pregnant women who are confined to bed rest due to medical complications or those who are planning to have a cesarean section can greatly benefit from pranayama (conscious

breathing), meditation and guided relaxation. I did pranayama during my son’s cesarean birth and it was a breeze. I recovered much better than I did with either of my other cesareans. The nurses who cared for me during my hospital stay were amazed at how far I was able to raise the ball on the inspirometer gauge.” S.T.