New Student Info


Since our new students usually have some questions about the studio or yoga in general we have gathered a few of the more frequently asked questions which we hope will be helpful.

What should I wear to class?

It is important that you wear something comfortable which allows you to move freely. Women usually wear footless tights or leggings, t-shirts or any comfortable top. Men wear shorts or sweatpants. We prefer that you not wear loose or baggy pants because this keeps the teacher from being able to see the alignment of your legs. You should note also that shorts with loose fitting legs can be revealing in a yoga class. You will be working in your feet bare.

What Should I Bring to Class?

Everything you need for class is at the studio. However you may want to bring a bottle of water for after class. Water may be kept in the reception area; please do not bring water onto the studio floor.

What if I am not flexible? Some of the yoga poses look kind of difficult.

It’s okay if you’re not flexible each student moves at his or her own pace. Your teacher will always suggest modifications if you need them. Remember, we all were beginners once.

What if I have health problems?

Many of our students come to the studio because they have health problems and yoga does help with many conditions. Always inform your teacher of any concerns. We will also work with your physician if you would like.

What can I expect from taking yoga?

Most students experience a greater sense of well-being and peace. Students can get relief from physical problems making moving through everyday life more enjoyable and comfortable.

How are teachers trained?

Teachers at MYS are trained through teacher training programs and constant self study. Some teachers have trained  through apprenticeship. This means that each teacher spends time with their teacher learning and studying. The training includes yoga philosophy, pranayama, asana ,anatomy and physiology, meditation and hands-on in the studio. When the teacher feels that the apprentice is ready, they are then released to teach a class but the relation continues; the senior teacher is always there for the new teacher. This is a very old way of training and is the way yoga was taught thousands of years ago. It is known as the “guru disciple relationship” and one that is not usually done anymore. Our teachers are dedicated to bringing you the best yoga has to offer therefore we are always learning and growing.

Does yoga conflict with my religion?

No, yoga is not a religion. It is an ancient system of self care designed to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit. The students at the studio come from a variety of faith beliefs. However, those students who are involved in a formal religion do express that yoga has helped deepen their faith.

Here is some additional information

We ask that you please remove your shoes before walking on the studio floor .

There is a bench for you to sit and take off your shoes and room to store them underneath.

It is advisable not to eat a large meal at least 2 hours before class. A light snack is fine.

There is a place to change your clothes at the studio. There is also ample room to store your belongings and hang your coats and jackets.

Please be considerate. If you bring a cell phone or pager to the studio, be sure to turn off the ringer.

Relax and enjoy your experience!